Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Political Quiz to see which candidate you're more in agreement with

The GlassBooth.com take the quiz and see who is really in alignment with your beliefs. What's interesting is that people don't really vote for who has their same agenda... they vote for a candidate that has a better chance of winning.

Some do this because they don't want to back a loosing horse. They would rather forego their beliefs and vote for someone they don't agree with because it's a lot safer to be a lemming or a member of the flock of sheep brigade.

Others are a little more strategic, knowing that a vote for Ralph Nader is a vote for Bush, way back when. So they intentionally forego voting for their candidate, not being sheepesk, and back a horse that has the best chance of keeping out someone they really, really, really don't like.

Take the quiz.


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