Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Let's see if you can name all of these individuals

Everyone knows we need more guns.

The world just isn't safe without them.

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Justn said...

you've got a point. but even after choosing a side on an issue, we all have to be receptive to new information. not necessarily changing our position, just analyzing every possibility, you know?

here's some history to look at:

australia gun-law studies:

gun owners foundation:

david c. stolinsky

these seem biased, right? lets be honest, reeeally biased haha. but fact is still fact, and 'facts are stubborn things' (-john adams) not to be disregarded. one might say, "come on, these are all conservative articles." which is true; but im an independent, not even republican. i just thought to myself, hey, if gun control has dropped crime/gun fatality rates in the past, lets have nothing stop us from taking more controlling action. the interesting part, however, is that nearly all of the articles that came up as google hits for "94 gun ban crime rate graph" were conservative articles. not much has been written to support other positions, which is another factor we gotta be receptive to.

i read this blog often, it's a great way to expose myself to neocon manipulation, keep a leg up (hopefully) on people trying to fool me. im just more into logical analysis of information than emotional reactions to it, i felt it necessary to add some additional info to this post.